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Monday, 13 September 2021
Countryside Classroom

Thinking of starting up a school garden or already have a garden but want to learn how to go organic? Then have a dig through these resources to cultivate some ideas!

Ages 4 - 7
  • Use these amazing materials developed by One Seed Forward to help you through the processes of designing a garden with pupils.
  • Once you have designed your garden use this guide by the Royal Horticultural Society to find out about the right plants that will attract birds, bees, bugs and butterflies to your garden.
  • This colourful and informative calendar-style Year Planner for the classroom designed by Growing Schools is packed full with tips and advice to encourage outdoor learning through growing food in schools.
  • Try out this excellent Maths in the Garden e-booklet redesigned by LEAF Education for home educators containing maths activities for primary children with a focus on your garden.
Ages 7 - 11
Ages 11 - 16
  • Do you have learners with special needs that would benefit from taking part in activities such as gardening out on a care farm? Then take a look at this Care Farming in Education page put together by our partner Social Farms and Gardens.
  • Use this super step-by-step guide to making a Mini Propagator for cuttings or seedlings using two plastic drinks bottles.
  • Be inspired by schools of all kinds describing their Gardening Activities, and the benefits they bring. Originally produced for a competition, these 20 stories illustrate many different approaches to gardens and gardening, for students of all ages and abilities, demonstrating the magical power of growing plants to help change lives for the better.

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