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Thursday, 17 February 2022
Countryside Classroom

Are your students considering future careers? Don't forget there is a wealth of wonderful opportunities working in food, farming and the environment! 

Ages 4 - 11

  • These Agriculture and Farming Career Cards produced by NFYFC in collaboration with LEAF Education are perfect for introducing students to a range of careers in this fascinating sector. The cards are suitable for a range of activities: reading comprehension, careers events, STEM workshops etc. OR as an information resource for teachers planning farming and agriculture topics and lessons.
  • The career opportunities from ‘farm to fork’ are extensive and provide wide variety of opportunities to students. This Careers in Food poster and supporting case studies are now available to download for guidance and inspiration to students when considering options for next steps and their future career.
  • The poultry industry is keen to help young people learn more about poultry production. We eat a lot of chicken but what is the process that makes sure it ends up as a safe, healthy part of our meals? This Careers in Poultry Industry e-booklet aims to highlight some of the careers and the routes to take to achieve them by offering activities and information.
  • This People who work in the Countryside resource by LEAF Education is a guided exploration of the varied jobs and careers linked to the countryside, through a series of questions with suggested websites to investigate the answers.

Ages 11 - 16

  • Coleg Cambria are one of many organisations that will be able to advise about careers in agriculture at the forthcoming What Next? Careers event at the National Exhibition Centre taking place on the 4th and 5th March if you want to book FREE tickets go HERE. Want to know more about Coleg Cambria? Have a look at the recent LEAF Education National Food, Farming and Environment Competition and watch out for this years competition launch coming soon.
  • Does a job using amazing technology appeal to you? Watch this Careers in Agriculture video which showcases four young professionals with great jobs in agriculture show you their daily work using technology in farming.
  • Watch how Navada decided to take a different path and follow her dreams to work on a farm with this Explore Careers in Farming video.
  • Find out what an Agronomist does with this video from the Royal Cornwall Show, perhaps Emily from NIAB TAG might inspire your students to take up an amazing career in agronomy?
  • This Countryside Module is part of the free www.talkingjobs.net careers education resource for secondary schools (key stages 3, 4 & Post 16) and includes eight video interviews about countryside employment. 

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