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Monday, 10 October 2022
Countryside Classroom

Our beautiful British countryside is home to a wide range of native wildlife, use this super selection of resources to inspire your students to learn more.

Ages 4 - 6

  • Use this entertaining, interactive introduction to the dangers faced by Hedgehogs, and help learners understand what they need for a secure future. 
  • Why not try this Encouraging Wildlife resource produced by the Royal Horticultural Society to understand how to develop and maintain features to enhance the natural environment in your school garden. Includes a brilliant wildlife gardening calendar too! 
  • Watch farmer Brian demonstrate how to Sample Worms Safely in your home or school garden and use the attached work sheet and guidance notes to learn all about how important soils and worms are in helping prevent climate change. 

Ages 7 - 11

  • This Life in and around an Ancient Tree poster describes a scene of an ancient tree with some of our rarest deadwood loving species including bats, birds, beetles, fungi, lichen and mosses and the parts of a tree they call home. Excellent for demonstrating habitats and microhabitats within a tree. 
  • These Detailed Wildlife Outlines are great for children to colour in, with coloured versions to help those who want to be accurate. Includes birds, mammals, minibeasts and marine life. 
  • Get the children to hunt out and press some leaves, then use this video produced by LEAF Education to cut out shapes and patterns to make these amazing Autumn Leaf Insects.

Ages 11 - 16

  • Learn all about the European Hedgehog with this video, accompanied by classroom worksheets, to ignite the interest of students in the ways in which we can all help keep the balance in our countryside.
  • A range of free identification guides and other resources is available HERE to help with biodiversity surveys. Includes trees, hedgerow plants, lichens, earthworms, dragonflies, amphibians and seaweeds. 
  • Why not get your students to explore the issue of Badgers and Bovine TB with this booklet produced by LEAF Education which has a series of structured activities to help young people develop their own informed opinions. 
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