Tuesday, 20 December 2022
Countryside Classroom

World Book is on Thursday 2nd March, why not use some books themed around food, farming and the environment to inspire your learners, find some brilliant ideas for activities here too!

Ages 4 - 6

  • Inspire your little acorns with a beautifully illustrated signed copy of Elena Mannion's new story book OLD OAK AND LITTLE ACORN. For a chance of winning a signed hard back copy simply challenge your 4 - 11-year-olds to take a picture of the biggest tree they can find and email in to [email protected]

  • This Storytelling on the Farm resource developed by LEAF Education includes a number of videos of their regional education consultants reading stories with some accompanying themed worksheets.

Ages 7 - 11

  • Help your children to create their own stories using this home educators version of LEAF Education's Storytelling resource . The simple ideas included will help the children craft wonderful stories using their imagination.

  • Use this Telling Stories and Writing Poems resource developed by LEAF Education to learn how to make your own notebook that children can then  use to write their own stories outdoors.

  • This Poetry Device Kit designed to engage groups in creative writing and poetry based on their experiences at the farm is a great way to prompt children to get started on creative writing.

Ages 11 - 16

  • This Climate and Environment for Fiction Writing resource is suitable for GCSE English exam practise both within the classroom and as a self-study accompaniment. The fiction source material encourages explorations of issues surrounding climate change and our responsibilities to the planet.

  • Get your students Inspired by Habitats through a number of activities that build their skills for descriptive writing whilst also encouraging them to look closely at the natural world around them.

  • Try this Explorations in Fiction Writing to challenge your GCSE English students to analyse  a fictional piece of writing from the 19th Century, about a boy’s experience of growing up on a farm.
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