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Countryside Learning

Description of typical day on farm visit (Woodland visit)

The children will carry out a variety of activities including any that they have specifically requested, so each visit is be-spoke to that group. We have an Education Centre with toilets, handwashing and room to eat lunch. The Education Centre has a garden where we can play educational games or eat lunch in the good weather. The estate is private with fields and woodlands.

Outline of the benefits of farm visit for the children (Woodland visit)

Children can learn outdoors, enjoying the natural environment and sometimes excelling because of the different method of learning. We try to make activities, educational, hands-on and fun to help the children to remember what we are informing them about. The children get to understand more about nature and the countryside which will hopefully mean they will re-engage with nature and help to look after it in the future.

How visit links to curriculum

The activities that can be carried out have links to English, Science, Maths, Art, Design and Technology, Geography, History and PHSE and we sometimes even sing songs, so ap Music! We also cover Climate Change which is going to be a new subject on the curriculum I believe.

Any other benefits of visit e.g. health & wellbeing?

Absolutely. The children gain both physical and mental wellbeing. Getting them outside, walking, running and den building helps them physically and being outside helps so much with their mental health. We always ask them how they are feeling after a visit and it is always a positive response. We also introduce the children to our well behaved and friendly dogs and what a therapy that so often is for them. Children who start off unsure of dogs, soon become their greatest fans. The photo below is of a child who has severe behavioural difficulties at school. He was often disruptive in the classroom and can also become angry and defiant. With outdoor learning he was fully engaged, smiling and happy and found a friend in Dill.

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