LEAF Education

Our range of expertise covers farming, food and the countryside across the full range of ages and curriculum subjects. We are particularly keen to help schools access real working farms where science, maths, literacy, cooking and nutrition, enterprise and more can be learnt in a dynamic real-world context.

We also support learning in the classroom and around the school, where cooking, growing and project work can enrich the curriculum and offer exciting extra-curricular learning.

LEAF Education helps teachers to:

  • find and use balanced, quality curriculum resources
  • plan and deliver engaging learning experiences in the classroom and outdoors
  • meet and work with farmers and other industry professionals to support their teaching
  • update their knowledge and skills through workshops, seminars and written guidance

See our People to ask below for details of our Regional Coordinators who will work with you locally. Also browse our resources, many of which are highly rated on TES Online.

For more information about LEAF Education, and for events and news, please see our web site.

LEAF Education
Linking Environment And Farming Stoneleigh Park

https://education.leafuk.org [email protected] 08458387192
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