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NEWS: Trainee teachers sold on outdoor learning

Wednesday, 09 October 2019
Jo Hatton, Regional Education Consultant, South East Region, LEAF Education

Bore Place in Kent were the hosts for a very well-received introduction for trainee teachers to using the working countryside to enthuse and inspire young learners. Led by Jo Hatton, the Regional Education Consultant for LEAF Education in the South East, the aim of the day was to ensure that the trainee teachers understood how the working countryside could be used throughout their teaching.  There is much evidence supporting the use of outdoor learning as an effective environment for delivering the national curriculum for pupils of all ages, and the training day highlighted how food and farming were particularly inspiring.   

A similar day was held at Staunton Country Park, investigating how food and farming could be used to bring science to life. The Education Team from Staunton Country Park were keen to show the delegates around the farm and share their knowledge and experience as the ITT students got involved in a variety of interactive sessions such as feeding the animals, pretending to be the parts of a tree and hunting for wool worms as they discovered camouflage in action.  

Jo Hatton commented that the two courses had been career highlights and she looked forward to doing more of the same in future, whilst the ITT students were full of enthusiasm and keen to use what they had learnt in their future teaching.  The events are a fantastic opportunity to help teachers understand how the working countryside can be used effectively to inspire and enthuse children throughout their future teaching careers.  

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Jo Hatton, Regional Education Consultant, South East Region, LEAF Education
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