Tuesday, 04 May 2021
Countryside Classroom

With World Fair Trade Day approaching why not inspire your learners to investigate global food production and consider the range of issues relating to its supply?

Ages 4 - 6

  • This How Do You Choose What You Eat? resource introduces students to common food-assurance schemes to help make informed food choices.
  • This Fascinating Farms Around the World resource is a fantastic virtual journey around the globe to discover interesting facts about unusual animals, far-fetched produce and fascinating farms you didn't even know existed!
  • Activity pack celebrating London’s food culture. Students can grow and taste exotic and unusual food, uncover the origins of crops, sow new varieties, learn from their local community, and eat, cook and share food together.

Ages 7 - 11

  • LEAF Education Exploring sheets are intended as an introductory aid to exploring the topics using the web. In 21st century Britain most shoppers buy their food from supermarkets but there is a surge of interest in buying local foods direct from farmers and growers.
  • 52 Climate Actions aims to empower people to live lower-carbon lifestyles by making it easy to take positive action. The website contains evidence-based ideas you can use personally and within your community, divided into easy-to-follow themes such as food, transport, home etc.
  • Assist students to consider sustainability issues with this Food Security resource which has a series of questions with suggested websites to investigate the answers.

Ages 11 - 16

  • Use this Grain Trading Game to help students learn about the complexity and risks involved in growing food within a global commodities market. They judge the reliability of official and unofficial market data, make difficult decisions as a team, and calculate their profit (or loss!). The winning team makes the most profit.
  • Try this fantastic Future Farming resource produced by the NFYFC and LEAF Education which was developed to help young people achieve a greater understanding of importation, exportation, production and sustainability.
  • A Guided Exploration of the journeys food makes before it reaches the plate, through a series of questions with suggested websites to investigate the answers. Contributes to sustainability discussions.
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