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Monday, 24 October 2022
Countryside Classroom

Autumn offers lots of opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors and some fun ways of bringing the outdoors inside!

Ages 4 -6

  • This Playdough Recipe contains wheat which is a great way of talking about how wheat can be found in non-food items too. Children can use the playdough in a variety of ways, including making imaginative creatures using craft materials and by adding twigs and leaves. 
  • Use this brilliant Artistic Autumn Leaves resource produced by LEAF Education to make some inspired designs.
  • Get creative out in your garden or nearby park with this Tree Faces resource by Learning through Landscapes.

Ages 7 - 11

  • This excellent Pumpkin Activities e-booklet contains a variety of ideas for using pumpkins: from creating a bird feeder through making pumpkin soup to suggestions for maths and science.
  • The Countryside Classroom Passport has a range of challenges that are perfect for keeping your children busy over half term!
  • Why not try this fun Hape Zome Art activity which involves pounding plants to release their natural pigments onto cloth!

Ages 11 - 16

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