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What's the weather doing today?

Friday, 02 December 2016
Janet Hickinbottom

That most talked about topic - the weather – is particularly useful in school (or on the farm) in winter when we see a great deal of seasonal change. We can experience ice, fog, frost, rain, wind, sleet, hail and even snow.

We can discuss the weather at all levels – how does it impact on the pupils’ lives when they journey to school on foot or in a car; in the playground or when they are forced to stay indoors? What effect does it have on nature and on the farm? What causes all the changes in the weather? Pupils can find out about climate change and agriculture with this guided exploration sheet. How is weather predicted and how accurate can forecasters be? How does satellite technology help farmers to keep abreast of changes in the weather as well as other challenges? What weather is favourite amongst the class? It can be a stimulus for work in geography, science, English and art. The possibilities seem endless.

There are many useful resources on the Countryside Classroom website to get you started.

You can trawl the BBC bitesize website for a wide variety of topics and you will find video clips about the weather.

Use science lessons to develop and monitor weather stations.

What about extremes of weather? Flooding is something we seem to have experienced more frequently in recent times.

How about having a focus on your part of the country and how weather affects your region? This resource promises to explore the link between food, land and weather in Lancashire.

And don’t be afraid to wrap up warm and get out there whatever the weather! What wildlife can you spot during a winter walk? Use these guides to help you. Visit a local forest and use these ideas for curriculum-linked activities. Find here both indoor and outdoor activities for the winter months.

Whatever the weather, make the most of it with your pupils!

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