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Lynne [email protected] The FitNut Program

"The FitNut Program is a practical, fun & engaging fitness & nutrition learning resource designed to promote healthy habits in students aged 3 - 11. Our award winning FitNut Program can be used within a unit or as individual lessons. It Is cross curricular & works for EY,KS1 &KS2.
THe FitNut Program is multi-sensory and comes to life through the FitNut Superstars audio/visual materials, physical exercises and hands on practical nutrition education. Delivered via a classroom friendly kit."


Punter 63
North Holland

Telephone: +31 630769836

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.thefitnutprogram.com/


Our resource can be purchased for £400. In house teacher / coach training or classes for students are available at an extra cost.

Type of support

Staff training - in school, Work with pupils - in school

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