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Specialising in Primary school food, farming and cooking education, we are a very unique set up. A former award winning chef, working in Michelin and Multi-rosette restaurants to now teaching food, farming and cooking in primary schools. Using previous knowledge and skills ensure the children get the most out of our lessons and a more in-depth knowledge of all 3 of the key topic areas. We have created, developed and now follow our own scheme of work and using our own resources, we ensure food education in primary schools is as good as it gets. Leading food and farming organisations are now working with us to write lessons and create resources for their own educational projects linked in with food and farming, so we must be doing something right. We help children, schools and organisations get the best out of a topic that isn’t widely taught in this age bracket. We’re not just a one off cooking workshop. We are here when you need us, for as long as you need us.


Varied depending on work undertaken.

Type of support

• We work with schools to help develop their food education
• We offer advice and help develop a food ethos in schools
• We can create food and farming resources bespoke to your needs
• Help write packed lunch and food policies
• Develop snacks within schools
• Offer advice on school meal and packed lunch improvements
• We can write risk assessments for farms in preparation for school visits.
• We can offer advice and support for farms and schools around farm visits
• We can provide potential farms to visit
• We can offer support in incorporating food for children with English as additional languages and SEN
• We can also provide advice on growing spaces in schools
• We can also provide training on primary age food, farming and cooking.


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