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British Seashore - Photographic – 3117

Weatherproof/fade resistant/durable/easy fix
High resolution images of nature on the British seashore.
Shore crab, cuttlefish bone, limpet, beadlet anemone, bladder wrack, mermaids purse, channel wrack, common periwinkle, mussels, hermit crab, dog whelk & eggs, keel worm tubes, Shells - augur, cocle, razor, piddock, lugworm & cast, barnacles, butterfish, ragworm, coral weed, 5 bearded rockling, common whelk & eggs, flat periwinkle, sea potato, common starfish, oyster, rough periwinkle, sponge, sea lettuce, tube worms, egg wrack, Shells - scallop, slipper limpet, sea urchin, flat top.
Ideal for the nature area, outside classroom and playground.
Also available in Welsh & Bilingual
Size 90cm x 75cm
Supplied with fixing packs.

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