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Monday, 12 April 2021
Countryside Classroom

Teenagers across the UK are preparing for their forthcoming teacher assessments that will form the basis of their final GCSE grades. Use these food, farming and countryside themed Easter revision activities to help hone their skills!


  • This Explorations in Fictional Writing resource developed by LEAF Education in collaboration with examiners is designed to replicate an English paper 1 exam style set of questions at GCSE level and is themed around a fictional piece of writing from the 19th Century, about a boys experience of growing up on a farm.
  • Also in this series check out the Explorations on Non-Fiction Writing with guidance notes and exam questions about two non-fiction texts,  source A is a fact sheet about Lambing in the UK and Source B is the text from an information poster about sheep farming in the UK.


  • Practise your problem solving skills with this Maths on the Farm Worksheet based around real world situations out on the farm. 
  • This Maths on the Moor resource produced by NGO Educational Trust is great for practising statistical analysis which is useful for Science and Geography as well as a great way to build confidence in Mathematics.


  • Agroforestry, as the name suggests, is a farming system which combines agriculture with trees and hedgerows. Agroforestry farms can be productive yet also contain high levels of biodiversity which benefits humans, animals and the environment.
  • The government plans to crack down on the use of plastics by eliminating all avoidable plastic waste, use this e-booklet all about Plastics helps students to examine the issue in detail with suggested activities and links to useful articles.


  • British Foods raise some intriguing questions about our past. Why are we a nation of curry lovers, with a taste for piquant pickles next to plainly cooked meats? What made us eat fish and chips? And what on earth is Marmite all about?


  • This Poultry Activity Booklet has been created with GCSE Geography students in mind and will help them investigate aspects of chicken meat production whilst giving them a chance to practise Geography skills exam style questions.
  • This Conscious Consumer Project is ideal for students studying Geography as well as Food Preparation and Nutrition and covers topics such as food miles and sustainability in a thought provoking way with activities that will challenge students to explore issues in depth.


  • This fantastic Food – A Fact of Life resource has a brilliant selection of activities and quizzes designed specifically with 14 - 16 year olds in mind. The site is bright and colourful with easy to use sections covering all aspects of food preparation and nutrition such as food science, cooking and food provenance that any GCSE student will find useful.
  • Use this Different Types of Bread Worksheet to find out why wholemeal bread is more nutritious and higher in fibre than white bread. Simply research the different breads or, even better, do a taste test whilst completing activity B.


  • This resource developed by LEAF Education with the help from the Leckford Estate has curriculum linked worksheets with answers that will enable students to become experts in the market for oil seed rape, both locally and on the global commodities market.
  • Business Studies students often struggle to fully appreciate the difficulty of making effective business decisions. Farmers are fabulous examples of Entrepreneurs and this Finance on the Farm resource enables students to consider the complexities of making finance based decisions.

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