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Monday, 27 March 2023
Countryside Classroom

Explore the uses and the problems caused by plastic waste with this exciting range of resources perfect for engaging pupils about an important environmental issue.

Ages 4 - 6

  • Learn about the journey of plastics with your class by to navigating a series of online films and activities via this Interactive Map produced by the Environment Agency.
  • Challenge your students whilst enabling them to learn about actions they can take to tackle plastic pollution with this fun Plastic Pollution Snakes and Ladders game.
  • The activities in this Plastic for Primary pack produced by LEAF Education  explore its uses and the problems caused by plastic waste and look more closely at the use of plastic on a dairy farm and conduct an investigation to find the most environmentally friendly plastic milk bottle.

Ages 7 -11

  • Use this Plastics Quiz to provide young people with a greater understanding of where plastics comes from, what types of plastic are found on land, and what the labels on packaging mean.
  • A plastic that claims to be compostable should biodegrade in a specific time scale, use this Composting Plastics Experiment resource to design an interactive science lesson for your learners.
  • A lot of the litter we see contains plastic, which won’t degrade, it just breaks up into smaller pieces, making it harder to remove. Why not organise a Community Clean Up Challenge with this super resource also produce by the Environment Agency 

Ages 11 -16

  • Watch the video and use the accompanying handout produced by the Environment Agency to discover how plastics are used in the Animal Care Industry.
  • This e-booklet in the Controversial Issues series by LEAF Education helps students to examine the issue in detail with suggested activities and links to useful articles.
  • Why not have a read through this Plastics and Climate Change fact sheet on how plastic is linked to the climate emergency and how you can convert plastic production, use and disposal to greenhouse gas emissions.

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