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Tuesday, 09 May 2023
Countryside Classroom

Compost offers a significant answer to climate change and delivers a huge range of other benefits. Use these resources to find out why.

Also why not take part in One Seed Forward's Shoe Box Garden competition suitable for all children under the age of 16?

4 - 6 Years

  • Use this Compost Activity Sheet to help children learn what can and can't be put in the composting bin.
  • This brilliant Making Compost in Schools booklet produced by our partner Garden Organic covers every aspect of composting in schools from choosing the right bin to getting the community involved.
  •  If you don't have school grounds or a garden then this Compost Bottles resource is a straightforward activity that gives children the chance to see how organic matter breaks down over time.

7- 10 Years

  • Food Waste provides an excellent topic for classroom activities and information from a variety of differing viewpoints which will help pupils reach their own conclusions about this complex issue.
  • The materials in this Crazy Compost resource produced by our Partner One Seed Forward take teachers through composting – understanding the process and learning what can be used to make it.
  • Learn all about how good composting is for the environment with this Composting for Kids film and quiz produced by Garden Organic.

11 - 16 years

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