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Summer Activities for Secondary

Thursday, 01 June 2023
LEAF Education

Sample some of these super summer activity ideas to inspire your secondary school age children to be creative.

Arts & Crafts

  •  It's amazing how much can be achieved with natural resources! You will find this Meadow Painting exercise using real grass a great activity for all ages.
  •  Connect with nature through Outdoor Art, this resource by Learning Through Landscapes focuses on line, shape, form, tone, texture, pattern and colour. 
  • This resource aims to encourage new approaches to Drawing using the things that you might have to hand in an outdoor setting. Follow the path of the sun with shadow drawings. This resource from Learning Through Landscapes is a great Fusion Activity. 
  • Check out this Willow Weaving resource developed by Heritage Crafts Association which is a step-by-step guide for teachers about six rural crafts. 

Cooking & Baking 

  • The visual appearance of a dish is as important as its flavour. Use this super Food Styling resource produced by Hybu Cig Cymru to help learners to research current food trends in particular how the food is styled, presented and photographed.
  • Food – a fact of life, a food education programme delivered in partnership with AHDB and British Nutrition Foundation, has launched six new food projects with ready-to-use lesson plans and resources, one for each year of primary school. Each project delivers learning about healthy eating, cooking, and where food comes from, in an exciting food context!
  • To be used in conjunction with the LEAF Education resource: ‘How do you choose what you eat’ diamond 9 activity for students studying Hospitality and Catering. This How do you Choose your Food activity will encourage learners to consider the importance of different factors when choosing food and menus in a hospitality and catering scenario.
  • The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts have created an easy Pizza Recipe for you to try! There are so many delicious and healthy toppings you can add - make sure you try out a few!

Gardening & soils

  • These Growing Activity Sheets produced by Garden Organic covers many practical gardening activities e.g., sowing seed, clearing weeds and grass, taking cuttings and pruning fruit.
  • Find out How to Grow Mushrooms with this resource by LEAF Education which gives an insight into the process of growing mushrooms and managing a successful mushroom operation.
  • Do you have learners with special needs that would benefit from taking part in activities such as gardening out on a care farm? Then take a look at this Care Farming in Education page put together by our partner Social Farms and Gardens.
  • Use this super step-by-step guide to making a Mini Propagator for cuttings or seedlings using two plastic drinks bottles.

Also don't forget to take part in One Seed Forward's Shoe Box Garden competition suitable for all children under the age of 16!

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