Monday, 27 November 2023
Countryside Classroom

Sample some of these super soil activity ideas to inspire your learners! 

Don't forget we also have our amazing British Society of Soil Science competition, simply draw a worm or mini beast found in soil for a chance of winning a soil activity box.

Ages 4 - 6

  • Learn all about the complex food web within compost and help identify the different species that help to break down organic matter with this Compost Creature Identification produced by Garden Organic.
  • Watch farmer Brian show you how to sample worms safely in your home or school garden and use the attached work sheet and guidance notes to learn all about how important soils and worms are in helping prevent climate change.
  • Explore the structure and chemical processes in soil and make connections between soil types and nutrition of different vegetables. with this Secrets of Soil resource produced by One Seed Forward.

Ages 7 - 11

  • Explore how soil can help prevent climate change with this resource produced as part of the National Primary Competition - All for Farm and Food for All 2024.
  • This Rocks and Soils e-booklet suggests a number of different hands-on activities suitable for Key Stages 2 and 3 which will help pupils to understand the importance of soil and its properties.
  • This school garden activity Much of a Mulchness can be used to show the process of evaporation of water from soil and can teach children about how to conserve water by using everyday materials in the garden. 

Ages 11 - 16

  • Use this How Healthy is your Soil? resource produced by LEAF Education to help students test a soil sample without using complicated equipment to find out how healthy it is.
  • Why not try this LEAF BBSRC Science on the Farm poster - SOIL also available in Welsh is one in a series of 5 posters that showcase how science and technology benefits farming. Topics include: soil, water, biodiversity, grassland management and animal feed. 
  • Investigate a number of factors affecting soil health, from worm counts, soil conductivity testing as well as information about the importance of symbiotic relationships in ensuring good soil health with this Soil the Key to Sustainable Food Production?

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