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Edible Playgrounds

The Edible Playgrounds programme is delivered by Trees for Cities (registered charity no. 1032154) and involves working with urban schools to transform part of the school grounds into a functional and vibrant fruit and vegetable garden – with planting areas, greenhouse, composting, fruit trees etc. As part of the project we also work with schools for a year to build the capacity of the teachers and the school to use the Edible Playground to teach across the curriculum.

The full project includes site surveys and garden design, consultation and engagement with all school stakeholders such as teachers, senior leadership, pupils and parents, garden construction and all the materials, plants and tools, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building teacher training and workshops with pupils and teachers, curriculum support and the development of bespoke plans. The garden construction is done over 1-2 months with the educational support work provided for over a year.


The cost on average is from £30,000 for the full project and includes the design and build of an edible playground and a full year of educational support to embed use of the new garden into your school curriculum.
£20,000 of this price is paid for by our match funds. The school will be responsible for paying the remaining £10,000 - we can advise on various grant schemes.

Type of support

Advice, Staff training - in school, Staff training - away from school, Work with pupils - in school, Grounds development, Networks / associations


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