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Sunday, 05 June 2022
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Farming Fortnight is a fantastic two-week event in the academic calendar that is an ideal opportunity for teachers to shine a light on farming and food production. 

Ages 4 - 6

  • LEAF Education has produced some exciting new resources for every day throughout Farming Fortnight, all supplied with teacher notes and guidance on how to deliver inspiring sessions to each key stage that signpost to a range of fantastic links such as videos, YouTube clips and TED talks. 
  • AHDB have some brilliant free printed posters and stickers that you can order HERE for use in the classroom and school visits to the farm, including posters and stickers. Covering the topics of UK farming, red meat, dairy and cereals.
  • Why not try these brilliant RBST Activity Sheets produced by our partner the Rare Breeds Survival Trust?

Ages 7 - 11

  • Want to discover more about farming first hand? The annual LEAF Open Farm Sunday event is fast approaching on Sunday 12th June. Each free event is unique with its own activities - based around the farm’s own individual story. 
  • This lesson for KS2 students takes a look into Fish Farms and whether they can be a sustainable source of seafood, exploring fish life cycles, farm management and community viewpoints.
  • Explore more with this Food A fact of Life resource all about meat types and cuts, and activities about how animals are reared in the UK, including beef cattle, pigs, sheep and chicken.

Ages 11 - 16

  • Use this Farming and the Environment guided exploration of how agriculture can benefit wildlife to contribute to sustainability discussions. This resource has a series of questions with suggested websites to investigate the answers.
  • Use this resource produced by Social Farms & Gardens to find out more about Care Farming and to find a Care Farm near you.
  • The activities in this Conscious Consumer 2 pack produced by the Food & Farming Discovery Trust explore topical issues that span boundaries of agriculture, food, health and society which link closely to Geography, Science, and Food Preparation & Nutrition.

Don't forget there is still time to enter this month's CPRE PRIZE DRAW with some amazing prizes up for grabs for KS1 & 2 classes.

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