Tuesday, 20 December 2022
Countryside Classroom

Help your GCSE and A Level students prepare for their exams with these brilliant resource booklets and exam style practise questions suitable for a range of subjects.



  • Practise your problem solving skills with this Maths on the Farm Worksheet based around real world situations out on the farm. 
  • This Maths on the Moor resource produced by NGO Educational Trust is great for practising statistical analysis which is useful for Science and Geography as well as a great way to build confidence in Mathematics.


  • Sample GCSE Science questions with this Working Scientifically poultry themed booklet to address the requirements of current specifications.
  • Is soil the key to Sustainable Food Production  is a super collection of resources , from worm counts, soil conductivity testing, as well as information about the importance of symbiotic relationships in ensuring good soil health.




  • Each element of the marketing syllabus can be revised over with this brilliant Avon Organics booklet based around a family run business. Topics include: marketing, customers and competition; marketing research; market research - produce, price, place and promotion; marketing strategy.
  • Watch the British Christmas Tree Growers Association's video explaining the process of producing Christmas trees and apply this knowledge using a worksheet perfect for Business Studies students to develop a case study with a a difference.
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