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Monday, 25 March 2024
Countryside Classroom

Check out these fabulous recipes and fun activity ideas to get your learners enthused all about food.

Ages 4- 6 

  • Learn about eating healthy and complete some fun activities with this exciting Healthy Living Pack produced by EarthCubs.
  • Use this amazing Ripe, Unripe or Overripe resource by Taste Education to allow your learners to use their sense of smell to explore the way that fruit can smell different depending on how ripe it is.
  • Allow early years children to discover new foods hidden in the socks with this wonderful What's in the Sock? resource and then encourage them to taste as well as touch.

Ages 7 - 11

  • Try out these brilliant Food Projects produced by Food – a fact of life, a food education programme delivered in partnership with AHDB and British Nutrition Foundation. Each project delivers learning about healthy eating, cooking, and where food comes from, in an exciting food context.
  • Keep children entertained with these Baking and Easy No Baking Recipes produced by Waitrose. They’ll learn how to measure out ingredients, mix them together, then see them transformed into amazing creations, before getting creative with the decoration using icings, sprinkles and sweets. 
  • This Healthy Campfire Recipes resource details some simple recipes for campfires which will keep children entertained during the Easter holidays.

Ages 11 - 16

  • Our partner Chilled Food Association have fantastic Lesson plans for Food Teachers with materials about hygiene, tasting food and developing new products.
  • The visual appearance of a dish is as important as its flavour. Use this fabulous Food Styling resource to help learners to research current food trends in particular how the food is styled, presented and photographed.
  • This brilliant Butter Making resource produced by the Food Teachers Centre is a great activity to try in the classroom or out on a dairy farm visit, find your nearest dairy farm HERE.
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