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RSPB - Hen Harrier LIFE+

The Hen Harrier LIFE Project is an ambitious programme of hen harrier conservation covering northern England and southern and eastern Scotland, funded through the EU LIFE+ scheme. Running from 2014-2019, the project combines direct conservation action through satellite tagging, on the ground monitoring and nest protection, with awareness-raising and community engagement measures.
We aim to ensure:
• Teachers have the resources and motivation to teach pupils about hen harriers, and are able to incorporate it into their curriculum
• Awareness of hen harriers is raised in the wider community as pupils share what they’ve learned with parents and family members
• Schools have access to the Hen Harrier Hero awards and Wild Challenge
• Pupil are inspired to feel ownership of local hen harriers


Hen Harrier LIFE+ sessions are completely FREE to schools

Type of support

The Hen Harrier LIFE+ project provides free downloadable lesson plans and resources and face-to-face workshops, assemblies and field visits.
We provide a range of sessions exploring themes including land use, birds of prey, conservation issues, habitats, food chains, adaptation and life cycles. These can be adapted to suit your needs and are linked to the curriculum. We also provide assemblies and facilitate field trips to upland areas.


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