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The Pigfather

The Pigfather is a family run Mobile Petting Farm specializing in training and socializing Miniature Pigs. All our piggies undergo a thorough Mini Pig Therapy Pet Training Program accredited by the AMPA (American Mini Pig Association), which enables them to become friendly and sociable animals.
We have a range of Mini Pigs from young piglets to older piglets and adults. All of them are our pets and have been trained to be comfortable around people of all walks of life and be happy to visit a variety of venues and locations.
The piggies have visited a number of schools and nurseries helping children to learn about these interesting and very intelligent animals, that love to demonstrate their newly acquired skills to the children! In addition, our boys and girls have been invited to quite a number of birthday parties, both children's and adults', appeared at many corporate and community events and one has even featured in a commercial PR campaign!


American Miniature Pig Association Mini Pig Therapy Pet Certification Program - all our piggies are trained to the standards set out in this program. In addition to the AMPA criteria, we have developed our own training methods and techniques following our experience and we aim to set the bar even higher than what is required by the program.


Our prices range from £200.00 per hour depending on location and the number of hours required, and include VAT. There may be a small distance fee for areas of more than 10 miles from our base in Wimbledon. For bookings of a few hours we could offer further discounts.

Type of support

The Pigfather's Mini Pigs can visit schools, nurseries or childminder facilities/toddler groups. Being educated to a MSc level in natural sciences, we can deliver an educational presentation during our visits, tailor made to a specific age group. This can take a form of a Power Point presentation at an Assembly or a talk to groups of children, class by class. To our visits we bring laminated Fact Files and are able to show children visually a variety of pig breeds, foods they eat and which animals they are evolved from.


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