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Monday, 16 May 2022
Countryside Classroom

We have some amazing curriculum activity ideas, experiments, places to visit and even an exciting free prize draw that will inspire your students to learn outdoors.

CPRE, the countryside charity is running an exciting PRIZE DRAW, with top prizes for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to help them become hedgerow detectives, you have until the 1st of July to enter, good luck!

Ages 4 - 6

Ages 7 - 10

  • Help your students learn why hedgerows are important and how they help the environment with this Be a Hedgerow Detective for KS2 resource by CPRE.
  • This Countryside Code Lesson Plan produced by the CLA contains a series of tasks and activities for students to complete so they can enjoy visits to the countryside at the same time as protecting wildlife and the environment and respecting other countryside users.
  • Your students will love this Bug Hotel resource by the Royal Horticultural Society to make your school and garden more wildlife friendly. It’s also great fun finding the materials and building it!

Ages 11 - 16

  • Why not try this Composting Plastics Experiment produced by the Environment Agency to find out common sources of plastic in that include teabags and sticky labels left on fruit skins?
  • Use this How healthy is Your Soil? resource produced my LEAF Education to help students test a soil sample without using complicated equipment to find out how healthy it is.
  • Would you like to take your geography students to meet a real professional involved in flood management? The materials in this Visit Your Local Drainage Engineer resource produced by the Association of Drainage Authorities will provide you with everything you need to make contact with a drainage ambassador who can give your students a valuable insight into flood management strategies.
  • Learn how to deliver a range of GCSE Geography topics whilst enabling students to develop a range of practical fieldwork techniques outdoors with this Free Online Training session produced by LEAF Education.


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