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Liz Turner, Trees for Health

Workshops on growing food in schools grounds, tree planting, vegetables, perennials, herbs, setting up raised beds, composting, pruning, hedgelaying etc. Powerpoint presentation for older students on agroforestry & how it can influence culture, wildlife, health, sustainability, the economy and our world view! Plus efficiency of small diverse farms. Topic can be tailored for all ages. All can be curriculum linked to meet requirements. Can be combined with a visit to agroforestry project.


School workshops usually £150 per day, plus materials & any other costs. Pruning £15 per hour. Consultancy/advice £25 per hour. But normal site visit that leads to a workshop is free.

Type of support

Advice, Staff training - in school, Staff training - away from school, Work with pupils - in school, Work with pupils - away from school, Grounds development, Networks / associations


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